Do you believe God has uniquely created you with a purpose and plan? What if you heard God speak and you felt the love of Jesus in a profound way? Imagine yourself in a community of people who cared for you, listened to you and supported you. Rooted combines the best of small groups, Bible studies, and interactive labs to provide a hands-on discipleship experience.

We believe God continues to use this curriculum as a tool to bring life change and transformation to the 603. Rooted is a 10-week journey for people in every life stage, wherever they are on their walk with Christ. The weekly readings teach us what it means to be a disciple of Jesus through an experiential model built on foundational elements of Christianity such as Scripture, prayer, worship, generosity and service.



Thousands of lives have been changed across the country through the Rooted Experience. It's a study that inspires life change, not just in churches across the nation, but throughout our very own. 



“Now that I’ve been through Rooted, and I’m on the other side of it, I can look back and see how God used it in my life. I don’t’ have to stress out. I can just let Him work…”


“What I really love about Rooted is that it's a shared experience. Anybody can read and study on their own, the power and life-change comes from doing it together. I think Rooted creates a space for us to connect with God in a new and deeper way and I would recommend it for anyone in our church!"



"Rooted was an amazing experience! Our Rooted group connected people to people, to God and to the mission. I have made lifelong friends that I will have always shared this special experience with."