Be Here, Be Real, Be Family

MCC students is passionate about creating welcoming, energetic and powerful experiences where students can connect with God, people and mission. We believe these years are some of the most adventurous, most creative and most influential of their lives and that when they connect with the love of God it transforms their lives and they, in turn, transform the world.

MCC Student services for 6th-12th grade happen every Wednesday from 6-8pm at our Manchester and Concord campuses. Services include food, games, worship, a message, and small groups. Students are welcome to join us on any Wednesday! 

MCC Students is a special place to me, because it feels like home. I know I’m in a safe place where I can worship, learn, and laugh and smile with my friends. :)
— Mary, an 11th grader


Connect Students to God

In all the ups and downs of life, we want students to connect with the God who loves them, to know who He is, and understand that He will never, ever leave them!

Connect Students to People

Church is fun but it’s way more fun with friends! We want to connect students with leaders who care about them, be a place they can invite friends, and support families as they lead their students to follow Jesus.


Connect students to mission

We know that students change the world! We are so excited to walk alongside students as they pray for One, to give them a place to engage their gifts, and to equip them to be kingdom workers.