Connect to God, people and mission

Pray for One is a unified prayer that unleashes an exponential movement of God’s love. Praying God’s expressed will into your life will bring transformation to you and to every One that encounters God through you. This simple prayer can position individuals, families, and churches to impact eternity by effectively sharing God’s love One person at a time. 

At Manchester Christian Church we have committed to praying this prayer together. Thousands of voices in unison praying, “God, give me one person to share your love with today.” This prayer is the beating heart of Manchester Christian Church’s vision — “More people in the kingdom of heaven in the shortest amount of time.” 

When you love God, you have to love others because you are connected to the source of love, and it must flow through you. When you love others, you share Jesus with them because love requires action.
— Bo Chancey, Pray For One

Praying for One is the way Manchester Christian Church aligns itself with the commands of Jesus; to love God, to love our neighbors and to make disciples (Mark 12:28-31, Matthew 28:19-20). This one prayer connects us to God, people and mission. We connect to God as we meet with him daily and we begin to want what he wants and see what he sees. We connect to people as every personal encounter, in our homes, offices and grocery stores, becomes a divine opportunity to show God’s love. We connect to mission as each new day is another chance to live out God’s purpose in our lives and experience the Spirit working through us.

Pray for One, and people will be saved. Pray for One, and God will answer.
— Bo Chancey, Pray For One