As we seek to connect with God, we desire to know more and more about who he his, what he’s like and what he wants from our lives. Small groups are an awesome opportunity for us to draw nearer to God together. Every season we offer groups that study through the scriptures and other books to deepen your relationship with the God who created you and loves you deeply. Check out our groups page and sign up today.  


Baptism is one of the most powerful ways that we connect to God as he transforms our life by His love. In baptism we are remade, reborn, restored to a relationship with God that allows his love to fill us and over flow out of us. If you love Jesus with your heart, soul, mind and strength, are ready to claim him as your savior, and start the journey of following him for the rest of your life - Baptism is your NEXT step. Contact us today and we’ll take this next step together. 

Pray for One

 Praying for One connects us to God as we submit ourselves to his will for our lives. We meet with Him daily and ask him to rearrange our days to give us one person to share his love with. In praying this prayer we are transformed to want what he wants and see what he sees. When we pray for one, God always answers and lives are transformed. Start praying with us today and then share your story with us. 


We were created to live life in community. In small groups we are given the opportunity to connect with people through study, prayer, story telling, rejoicing, mourning, eating and playing together. With each new season there are more chances for you to connect with the people around you as we seek Jesus together. Check out the groups page, stop by the information desk or contact us to find out if a small group is your NEXT step.


We believe we are better together. We have teams working during every service and throughout the week in production, communication, kids, students, communion prep, coffee, resources, worship, facilities and more. These teams are amazing places to connect with people who are passionate about the kingdom and using their gifts to serve the God they love. Join us for our NEXT event to explore where you can connect on one of our teams.

Pray for One 

As we pray for One, we are connected to the very source of love and it has to flow through us. This prayer transforms every relationship and teaches us to see more clearly the people around us and every personal encounter, in our homes, offices and grocery stores, becomes a divine opportunity to share God’s love. Start praying with us today and keep your eyes open for the people that God will place in your life.


As a church, everything we do is to see more people in the Kingdom of Heaven in the shortest amount of time. Our volunteer teams know that every conversation, small group meeting, cup of coffee, parking spot and worship service can have a powerful impact on the way our Ones connect with God. Serving connects us to the mission of Jesus as we dedicate our time and gifts to building His kingdom.



We believe that service changes lives—for those serving, for the people they serve, and even for those that simply witness them choosing to give their time to help someone else. Outreach is a way for our service to move outside of our church walls and into our local community and across the world.

Pray for One

As we pray for One we are connected to the mission of Jesus as each new day is another chance to live out God’s purpose in our lives and experience the Spirit working through us. Our hearts are transformed by the love of God and as it flows out of us in our relationships with people our entire lives; hands, gifts, resources and time become the tools that God uses to build his Kingdom.