Grades 6-8

For a student in 6th-8thgrade, church is a place they want to experience with friends, questions get more awkward, and they just really want to know “Who cares?” MCC Students is a family where middle schooler can connect, dig in, and have fun every week. We play crazy, ok, sometimes gross games, eat food, worship, and pray for one together. This is a safe place where middle school students can invite their friends and discover who Jesus is together.


(Cue- the slow hand clap for you because you are parenting a middle schooler)

We’ve got one word that sums up a middle schooler. Are you ready? Change. Every. Single. Thing. Is. Changing. A week ago they were still sleeping with a stuffed animal and now they just want to take their new cell phone to bed with them. Next week, they’ll probably be three inches taller. Strap on your seatbelt parents, because middle school is a roller coaster of emotions, physical changes, and whole new relationships. Even if they can’t figure out how to say thank you right now, you’re middle schooler really needs you to be the constant in their life. They need you to keep telling them that even if everything else changes, God never will.