“Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.” - Acts 8:4 

Things are changing fast. Change often produces fear, but if we are prepared to make the most of change then fear is held at bay. The internet is sparking world-wide change. Governments are toppling, institutionalized hierarchies are crumbling and power is moving away from centralized sources into the hands of people. Information can now be consumed, processed, refined and shared from anywhere, anytime with anyone in the world. The pace of change is mind-blowing and will only go faster from here. 

This decentralization of power is fantastic news for the Church. It might feel like bad news for traditional power structures in the realm of Christianity, but overall it is fantastic for the gospel. The news of Jesus can spread faster and further than ever before. We are entering into a third wave of Christian expression that God will use to save the world.