Manchester Christian Church’s mission is to get more people into the kingdom of heaven in the shortest amount of time, and our vision is to do that by praying for One. Our leaders need to be aligned with our mission and vision. Here are helpful videos specifically produced for our church leaders to help them align with the mission and vision of Manchester Christian Church.

A three part series by Senior Pastor Bo Chancey explaining Pray for One and its importance to leadership at Manchester Christian Church.

Leadership Development

Short Explanation

Leaders as Disciples

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Attractional, Relational, and Missional Leadership

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A three part series by Executive Pastor Eric Lee about Manchester Christian Church's approach to Team Based Ministry.

Why A Team Based Ministry


The Manchester Christian Church Model of Team Ministry


The Biblical Basis for Team Based Ministry


Leadership is complicated

Leadership is complicate so we have tried to narrow our focus on these 5 key competencies. Intrigued? Download the full model above and dive in. 

Self-Management Dimension

Good leaders know their own values, strengths, and limitations and are able to control their emotions and behaviors. They must strive for personal development by engaging in continuous learning and being willing to seek help when needed or admit when they have made a mistake. They should be able to adapt to stressful or dynamic situations and be able to maintain a balance between their work and non-work lives.

Leading Others Dimension

Leaders must maximize the potential of others and motivate them to attain shared goals. They must be able to manage individual and group performance with an understanding of group dynamics and team building. Leaders must actively listen and communicate effectively to persuade others and build consensus and trust. They should understand and be emphatic toward individual’s emotions and needs and be able to resolve conflicts in a respectful manner.

Task Management Dimension

Leaders use task-specific knowledge and experience to guide the group to attaining its goals. Leaders must engage in problem solving, delegation, time and resource management, and eliminating barriers to performance. Leaders also must strive for results and provide feedback to ensure effective contributions from all constituents.

Innovation Dimension

Leaders must be able to think creatively while taking initiative and calculated risks. Effective leaders have a vision beyond the immediate work of the group. This involves exploring and integrating diverse perspectives and recognizing unexpected opportunities.

Social Responsibility Dimension

Leaders must act with integrity, honesty, and justice. They must work in the best interest of others, showing respect and empathy for unique individual and cultural differences. Good leaders create a culture that promotes high ethical standards along with personal, organizational, and civic responsibility. Ethical leaders recognize and conduct themselves in concert with universal moral principles as well as specific values, laws, and ethics relevant to their group or organization.


Want a coach or mentor?

A coach is a person we specially select to work with you on your journey to becoming a better Godly leader. The coach will be your “sounding board”-someone who you can get advice from regarding questions and challenges of encounter as a leader or aspiring leader. They don’t give you the answer…he work with you to help YOU discover what’s best for you. You and the coach work out the type, frequency, and duration of the coaching relationship

A mentor is someone who can help you develop a specific leadership competency like facilitating a meeting or resolving a conflict. Unlike a coach, they give you the answers in the form of simple, easy to apply techniques. Your relationship with the mentor tends to be shorter term and more specific than a coach.

If you are interested in being teamed up with a coach or mentor contact us for more information and to start this next step of your leadership journey.