Planning your leadership Journey

This is the first class in the leadership core where you will learn more about the Manchester Christian Church’s Leadership Development program, opportunities to lead at church and start your journey to leadership excellence. This two hour journey will provide insight into your leadership competencies and put you on the road to being a Godly leader.

disc assessment and review

The DISC is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. After taking this professional personality assessment you will dive into thisnon-judgmental course to help you discuss your behavioral differences. We will walk you through your assessment results to help identify ways you can be a better leader.

situational leadership

This session piggy-backs on the previous two as you take a look at your leadership map and personality strengths to get yourself where you are going. You will learn how to apply what you have learned about yourself and your leadership style in the DISC assessment and apply it to real life situations through an action learning format.

This course is designed to hone your personality strengths and skills as well as provide new tools to effectively lead a small group or team. Learn techniques for handling interruptions, designing effective meetings, keeping the dialogue flowing, and addressing a participant who dominates the conversation. Emphasis in this program is on the practical. 

Leading Groups and Teams