We really like meeting new families! And we want you to feel comfortable trusting us with your child. We’ve put together a few things below that we thought you might want to know. Visit our children’s check-in area at any campus to meet the children’s ministry team and get a tour of the children’s rooms. We look forward to meeting you!


+ What happens in MCCKids?
During every worship service we plan a full hour of fun for your child! In age specific rooms we have large group time, games, songs, crafts, and small groups. We want church to be the best part of your child’s week!
+ What time do I need to arrive?
Check-in opens 5 minutes before the start of each service. You are welcome to come early and have a tour of the children’s area as well.
+ How do I register my child?
When you arrive, come straight to the kids area. A team of helpful volunteers will welcome you at the check-in kiosks. After you fill out a family registration form, they will enter you in our secure database system and show you where to go from there. You can also fill out the family registration form above.
+ How can I be sure my child is safe?
At check-in, your child will receive a printed nametag with a unique set of numbers and letters at the bottom that matches a corresponding parent tag. Your parent tag will allow you access to the kids’ areas and is matched with your child’s nametag when you pick them up. You don’t have to wear them, just keep them close and available! All MCCKids volunteers are carefully trained and every adult volunteer has to pass a background check before serving in your child’s room.
+ What if you need to get in contact with me during the service?
At check-in, you will receive a pager with a specific number. That pager number gets printed on your child’s nametag and if we need to reach you during service you’re pager display will light up with “Please come.” All we ask, is that you return your pager after service!
+ What about allergies or special needs?
Please notify us of ANY and ALL allergies, medical and/or behavioral special needs on the space provided on the family registration form. Allergies will be noted on your child’s printed name tag, but you can also notify the room volunteer. For children with medical or behavioral specials needs, we will do our best pair them with a volunteer who will help them have a successful hour. If your child might be in need of additional help, please let us know in advance so we can discuss it with you and best accommodate their needs.
+ What do you teach?
We work hard to help each child understand and embrace three basic truths in each age group. Click here for Preschool kids and click here for Elementary kids.