Grades 9-12

For a student in 9-12th grade church is becoming a place to work out their faith, their schedules got even busier, and they’re figuring out how they fit in to the bigger picture. MCC Students is a family for high school students to engage their gifts and strengths, invite friends, and own what they personally believe about God. We’re here to wrestle through hard questions together, hang out, and connect them to the mission God has for them.

Parents & Guardians

You’ve made it this far! Keep going because you’re doing an awesome job. It may feel like it was only last month that your child was asking you to help tie their shoes but the truth is you’re in the home stretch before your child moves on to the next phase of life. Pretty soon, you’ll be sending them off to college or letting them travel on their own with friends. Your high schooler is getting more independent every week, but make no mistake, they still need you. They need you to be their sounding board through breakups, their co-pilot as they learn to drive, and the person who more than anyone else shows them what Jesus’ love looks like.