Rwanda Day 8 - August 20, 2019

Muzungoo (Traveler)

Today was nothing short of amazing. We started this morning with devotion and prayer about walking with God. Among other things, In Psalm 148:7 & 10, the Bible teaches us to Praise the Lord from the earth, wild animals and all cattle, small creatures and flying birds. So we set out today on a safari in Akagera National Park in appreciation of God’s creations. We learned so much about the park and their residents.

To see these animals walking, romping, playing and even fighting in their natural habitat is simply breathtaking. This park has over 100 elephants, 35 lions, 20 giraffes, hippos, black rhinos, baboons and vervet monkeys are commonplace. There are over 480 species of birds found in the park. Some birds are a beautiful blue and others multi-colored or a simple white color.

The peak of our day was when we got to see two male lions resting under a shady tree. Everyone was so excited to see them. We also saw baby zebras and baby hippos too. The most beautiful part of the day was seeing the African plains with all the different creatures living in harmony together.

It was so moving to See God’s work through the people in Rwanda by caring for their natural habitat and wild animals as well as bringing back near extinct species such as the black rhino. There was even a couple getting communion in the park while we were there. It really brought why we were there today to center.

God’s creatures, great and small includes all of God’s creatures. May we always care for the people and the creatures that God placed in our care.

Sarah Glenfield