Rwanda Day 5 - August 17, 2019

On the ride to Nasho today, our bus ride consisted of beautiful singing, team bonding and enjoying Patrick’s dance moves!

God is good! Yesterday and today we had the honor and blessing of being welcomed into 5 different homes! We got to meet these women and men on a more personal level. They have endured so much and God is helping them endure it. It is amazing to think how much God does EVERYWHERE. These women are such an inspiration!

Getting to know the women more during these visits helped us understand more of their daily lives. We got the opportunity to share how we study the Bible back home, how we get together to do study groups. The women have already started their own study groups to create a community out of it and spread the word of Jesus, we just gifted them some tools such as a devotional my group and I put together, a bible, notebook, pens and pencils! These items will help them be able to help others understand the word and be able to share it with others!

We got the honor of visiting our beloved Suzzane’s home, and Isaac’s home as well.

We got back in time to play with the kids after our home visits, we sang them, taught them some new songs, and played games with them. Today was a great day full of laughter and smiles.

Again, we were so blessed and grateful to be welcomed into their home and see more of their lives! These were the first home visits MCC has ever done, although they won’t be the last!

-Allie Damon