Rwanda Day 4 - August 16, 2019

When we first arrived in the village today we were greeted by an elder by the name of Isaac. He told us how grateful he was for everyone at MCC for making such an impact on their lives. Our interpreter, Meriam, went on to tell us how 600 churches have been closed recently for not meeting standards and how their church in Nasho would have been closed if recent projects hadn't been completed. This was a inspiring way to start our day!

Later that day, we had originally planned on distributing the goats that had been donated to the different families, but in Rwanda plans change on the drop of a dime! In this case, it was a change for the better. The families had already received their goats and were willing to make the 1+ hour long treck each way to meet us and take pictures to share. One man even packed his goat up in a basket and put it on his bike just to come back to see us! What a blessing this was!

Since we ended up having much more time than we had originally planned, Stacy and the two of us got to spend hours playing and laughing with the children of the village. Communication was limited, but the smiles were not! We went for a long walk holding hands and skipping, taught them songs and dances such as Father Abraham and Baby Shark (by far their favorite... do do do do do do), played games like soccer and London Bridge is Falling Down, and taught them activities such as fist bumping and patty cake!

All in all it was an amazing day full of joy, love, and laughter! We can't wait to see what tomorrow holds in store for us.

-Katie and Steve Breininger