Rwanda Day 1 - August 13, 2019

It’s the day we’ve been waiting for and we are all excited to head to Rwanda. We have a few hours layover in Turkey and then on to Kigali. As I sit writing this at the airport, I love seeing the excitement and hearing the conversations and questions the first timers are asking those who have been before. Being a leader of this team is a privilege and we knew this team was special from our first meeting. Over the past nine months we have spent time together learning, planning, discussing and bonding and we are excited to see all of this come to fruition. 

After a few hours overnight in Kigali, we will hit the ground running with many things planned. These include a visit to the Genocide Museum, shopping for needed supplies, home visits with some of the villagers, giving a Sunday message, meeting with the Women’s Cooperative to discuss their ongoing needs and holding a children’s event day. Thanks to everyone’s hard work fundraising and the generosity of our supporters, we will also be able to do multiple projects in the village of Nasho, including building and training on water filtration systems, The Ihene Project and supplying bibles for the church attendees. We hope you join us in this journey over the next 10 days to see how God is working through every one of us. Thank you for your support and continued prayers. 

Stacy McIntire