Rwanda Day 11 - July 20, 2019

Rwanda- Amsterdam - Home

Today we landed in Amsterdam and took 3 hours to tour downtown and eat some yummy Dutch pancakes and and see the incredible local architecture.  I am writing this blog on the airplane and am excited about what we have done but also excited to return home and share our encouragement with others.  But I wanted to share something I have been thinking of this whole week while being in our New Farming Village called Nyagatar.

Planting seeds.  I am not a farmer but I understand the process. Dig, plant, water, harvest, repeat!  Farmers never stop this process. Over and over and over again! 

This week we planting truth, encouragement and the hope of Jesus Christ.  We as Christians are all called to scatter seed “Zara”, believing that what we have sown will produce a harvest. A harvest so fruitful that it expands the Kingdom.   Jesus gives a parable about mustard seed, the smallest of seeds with the greatest results.  Matthew 13:31. We are praying the Holy Spirit will continue to pour out on Pastor Marcel, Bishop Theo and all the people of Rwanda.

We left Rwanda  and our new farming village both happy and sad.  Happy because of the incredible partnership and relationships we have made that will continue to last for generations.  We are also happy to be reunited with our loved ones back home.  The sadness comes from leaving behind those new relationships and those kids faces waving goodbye to us. That was tough!!!! But the Joy of the Lord is our strength and we continue to Dig, plant, water, harvest, repeat! 

Our Team

God placed every person on our team!  I believe this with all my heart.  We laughed and encouraged, played many silly games and had no drama!  We worked hard together and gave an incredible representation of MCC and most importantly, Jesus Christ.  Love you guys.

To the King!