Rwanda Day 9 - July 18, 2019

We started our day early, 3:30 am. The reason why we woke up this early is because we went to a safari that was 4 hours away. Halfway there, our safari guides came to pick us up to bring us the rest of the way, because the rest of the roads were all dirt and bumpy . We parted ways with our translators, Angel and Miriam. It was sad to say bye to our new friends. They were such a key part to the team and such a fun part. Anyways, the team separated into two different safari vehicles and we were off to the safari. We were 15 mins into the drive something unpredictable happened. The safari vehicle, I was in, one of the wheels flew completely off when we hit a bump . None of us new what happened immediately, but then we investigated and found out what happened. Out of no where these workers came and started to put on a new tire on for us. Within 20 mins we were back up and running. Even though it was an unfortunate experience we were still laughing and joking with the safari guide. We finally made it to the safari 2 hours later. We were welcomed by giraffes walking across the road. The whole safari was an amazing experience. We saw baboons, antelope, hippos, giraffes, elephants, crocodiles , and a lot of zebras. One lucky thing that happened to the other safari vehicle was that an elephant came within 5 feet of them . I talked to them after and they thought it was the coolest thing ever. The safari ended up being 6 hours long. We stopped for lunch by a ton of hippos & some crocodiles. Bri thought the hippos were rocks at first . When we finished the safari we had to drive 2 hours back to our drivers, Alex and John, who had all our luggage . After that, we had to drive another 2 hours to our tented lodge that we are staying the night at. When we got there, we had a warm welcome from all of the staff, they were lined up to greet us and served us all passionfruit juice. We then had dinner out on a deck that was over looking the lake, by candle light. Everything was decorated amazingly and there was even a fire going in the middle of the deck. Straight after dinner everyone went to bed due to the long, but good day we had .

Sincerely, Josiah