Rwanda Day 10 - July 19, 2019

Waking up at 5:30, to sit on the deck looking for wild animals & watching an unbelievable sunrise. This morning was beautiful.

Last night we stayed at Ruzizi Tented Lodge. It was the best experience i have ever had. It’s located in Akagera National Park. It was such a treat and a perfect end to the week... We sat out on the deck for a lovely breakfast. African Tea has become everyone’s favorite drink. It’s delicious. There were lots of velvet monkeys throughout the lodge area. We even heard them on our tents. At 11o’clock we were picked up by our drivers, John & Alex. We then took the 4 hour ride back to Kigali. For about an hour and a half we were on the dirt bumpy road... I have been told about these roads but could never truly grasp how long, dusty & bumpy they truly are. We had the widows closed and still we were covered in red dust. Even the landscape on that road looked different. Trees, flowers, bushes, & even houses had thick layers of red dust/clay over them. We were very grateful to get back on the paved road.

As we were driving back to Kigali I looked and the landscape we were surrounded by. It is beautiful here in Rwanda. Everything is... the people work so hard to just live a simple life. Walking to collect water for the day, or carrying everything on top of their heads. It’s amazing. Women have things stacked on top of their head while carrying a baby in their back. Every where we go eyes are on us. The people just stare and the kids smile & wave with all the emotion they have inside. To think that they are able to be filled with so much joy just by seeing us. It’s beyond humbling. The people here are beautiful. They may have struggles & some still are filling the pain of the Genocide that happened 25 years ago... but, you can tell that this country is full of hope. And, that hope is Jesus. And, they recognize that.

J has been sick the last two days. So, the drive was pretty tough for him. We are sitting in the airport waiting to board. Please pray for our safety & for J to fill his best soon. We have a long layover tomorrow in Amsterdam. We are planning to see some of the sights. As we leave this place we know that the village we went to will always be in our hearts. Every single person there impacted each person in our team... Oh, saying goodbye to our drivers was pretty hard to do too. They became our family even though they didn’t know English. We didn’t let the language be a barrier.

~Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s Grace in its various forms. 1Peter 4:10

Blessings, Chrissy