Rwanda Day 7 - July 16, 2019

It was such an amazing visit in the village today. We met at the church and talked more in depth about their co-ops. It’s very sad they have so many road blocks that they come up against BUT we did a ton of brainstorming and we came up with some great ideas that will hopefully help them build their businesses. It’s definitely not going to happen overnight but we have taken the first step with them. With the right planning this can all be possible for them. We talked about farm land and agriculture but unfortunately there isn’t a water source close enough to them to even dig a well. They have to walk 2 hours one way to get water. They depend on the rain to grow their crops. We talked with them about purchasing goats, cows, making jewelry and baskets. They are such amazing people, extremely intelligent, hard working and eager to learn. One of my favorite parts is driving through the villages to get to the one we are visiting with. People just light up when you drive by smile and wave at them. Especially the kids!!! Oh my gosh they get so excited!!!! Their smiles are contagious!! They dance, jump up and down and chase the van. It’s seriously the best thing ever. The children are so incredibly beautiful.

- Brieanne Walser