Rwanda Day 3 - July 12, 2019

I first want to thank everyone that has been praying for us! Your prayers are important to all of us.

Yesterday after revisiting the Genocide Memorial (sobering that we can visit this land in its 25 years of healing), there is a huge prayer request in that I was made aware that in only two short years, most of the perpetrators involved in the mass murder, which have not repented will be released at the end of their sentence. Please pray for these individuals and Rwanda itself, as they discern and decide how best to handle/reintegrate these people back into the general society.

As for today, wow, what a jammed packed day. The bulk of the team went to the marketplace, where they had a true Rwandan experience in trying traditional Rwandan food and the women getting individual shirts made on the spot. As for me, I stayed at our guest house, where I was greeted by two children that Lisa and I sponsor, named Murisa and Shallon. We truly had a special time in getting to know one and other. It is so special to be able to physically hug them, have real-time conversations, play games – and yes, we played go-fish, and I have to say, I won! Also, we spent time traveling around the city of Kigali, taking in some special sites, sharing a lunch as well as praying for each of them, their families, their studies, etc.

After rejoining with the team, we continued to Josie’s church and the Child Hope Center, where we spent some quality time intermingling with ~40 students as part of their afterschool program. We assisted in feeding them, taking tons of videos and pictures and praying for them. I’m personally charged, and I’m sure that the broader team is as well, to be strong advocates for these special kids, where they can be sponsored and where the program can continue to grow and flourish. Also, we briefly chatted with the ladies (mostly mothers of these kids), which happen to be former prostitutes that are now creating/doing small businesses to support their families by selling 2 nd hand shoes/clothing, vegetables, etc.

Off to Nyagatare District tomorrow, we cannot wait!!!