Our arrival in Colombia

Our first day in Bogota, Colombia was truly eventful. We arrived early and made our way to the Formavida center, nestled in the hills of Santa Cecilia on the outskirts of Bogota and what would be our home for the next ten days.  I'm traveling  with a team consisting of a mother and young daughter, a father and young son, a father and young daughter, a husband and wife, men and women of various ages, and ethnic backgrounds, all coming together with a passion for serving our Lord. Our common goal being to embark on this mission where marginalized people live and work with daily challenges but together share the love for Jesus.  
This day for me, started rough with a long overnight flight. I didn't feel very well after getting off the plane and out of the airport. Our team and all our luggage were picked up by three shuttle vans and  drove to the bottom of a steep hill and dropped off. 

The narrow, steep, hairpin turns ascending to the Formavida Center were too difficult for the shuttles to continue the drive the remainder of the distance. We were then picked up by land rovers and transported on an exciting ride to our destination. I felt better once we reached the Center.  During our assent to Formavida, we observed much poverty, homes packed close together  in disrepair, dogs running loose but yet appearing happy and well fed. The rest of the day was filled with beautiful moments; the amazing view from our mountain top, meeting the family, a mother facing a life strickened with cancer and her four, young  children who would be blessed with a new  home When our team completed this project, praying over this family, the  parade of people walking the same , steep, windy road carrying a  cross to celebrate Good Friday, sharing in a  church service with members of the Formavida center; and eating home cooked  meals  prepared by Hector and his family, a gentleman who immigrated from Venezuela with his family. ~ by Carolyn
We arrived in Colombia on an uneventful and packed red eye flight early Friday morning, followed by a hilly, winding, narrow road to Formavida. After settling in, it was nice sitting down with the team and getting to know each other.  We were able to witness how the city observes Good Friday by carrying a cross up the same windy hill. This brought back many memories of my childhood. Meeting the family we will me building the house for and seeing the positive affects of our resources to create adequate living accommodations for this family, gave me a sense that we were helping and we would be able to see the results of our serving.  The gratitude that filled the room as we prayed for this family was evident and powerful. A circle time activity that took place at the end of the day, after a worship service,  gave me a sense of partnership between our mission team forming a strong and lasting connection with the Formavida community. ~ by Paul

115 kids who attend Oasis are sponsored by Formavida!