Wednesday in Granada - by Dan

The day started for the second time with a 5am sunrise hour of prayer. It’s deeply moving to be here and see the day begin and to know that God is here.  He sent me here and I have work that I can’t wait to do.  

Breakfast is more than a meal.  We gather with our team and the native team.  Some speak English.  None of us speak respectable Spanish.  It really doesn’t matter - we’ve  become family and that’s a gift I didn’t expect.

We moved next to the dump to minister to the families who live and work there.  It was a joy and a blessing to have had a chance to serve them a meal.  In the most humble of places, a dump, these families are strong in the love of Jesus.  I wish I could explain this better.  We stood and served a meal and prayed with brothers and sisters while standing on a mountain of trash from the nearby city.    And it may be one of my favorite, most humbling activities ever.

Our third prayer walk.  Just phenomenal.  It was life-changing to talk to these people.  They believe God sent us a long way to pray for them and that we’re not in their homes by coincidence.  Their faith is so absolute.  I don’t have the words to express how astounded I am that God chose to send me here to these loving people.  They have nothing, and they invite us into their homes and insist on offering us their food and drink without a second thought.   I know this isn’t about me - but it’s difficult to reconcile that I get to do this and to benefit from the blinding beauty of the people of Nicaragua.  So many lessons learned - most by me.

I’ve been praying for several years that God would open my eyes to see his Kingdom, and that he would soften my heart to love him more and that he would order my steps to move towards him.  But I got it backwards.  He ordered my steps first by bringing me here and it’s opened my eyes to see his Kingdom and my heart to love His people.   What He has done in my life - and answered my prayers - is proof of His presence and His love.
One last thought.  The architecture in the City of Granada is stunning!  The colors are vivid, the old Spanish-style trim — even the peeling paint - is art.  Going back to the ice cream shop is on my agenda for the future.  Not so much the meat section of the outdoor Mercado.   Can’t wait to serve here again.