Our last field day in Nicaragua - by Chloe & Gavin

Today was a very busy day. The group was split into teams for different activities, and my group went prayer walking and did a feeding program. During prayer walking, we went to visit a woman with cancer, and her story was just so heart breaking. I had been to visit this same woman on Tuesday, but hearing her story again, I was able to actually pray for her, and not just stand by while someone else did. Then in the afternoon, we did our last VBS, and it was the best one yet. The skit was better, the lesson after was better, and I really got to connect with one of the kids. Our game involves popping balloons, and he got scared. So I got to just hold him, and cuddle in the hall outside while the others played. Having him in my arms just really warmed my heart. 

 ~Chloe Jones
I guess I should start off with how the day started: we were all up by seven o'clock in the morning, and we had a good breakfast of scrambled eggs with beans and some fruit, like pineapple (which is white here, but tastes better than anything), watermelon, mangos, and chocotes. After breakfast we split off into two groups and went to do our separate things. Our group, which was the second group, went directly to a VBS at Pastor Lesly's church, and we played out our skit, which was of the story from Matthew 8:23-27, and it went pretty well. Afterwards I gave out instructions to the kids on how to build a boat as a way to help remember the lesson. Thankfully my team members: Zach, Julia, Jayden, Shelby, Sam, and a few others that I can't quite remember because the groups got pretty mixed around this week, anyways they helped to show the kids how to make the boats and really helped the process go quicker. 

Afterwards our team went out on prayer walks and we were able to talk to this group of three people who were struggling with addiction and alcoholism, and asked us for our prayers and guidance. It was very hard to talk to this group, not because of any language barrier, but because of how open they were about some of the troubles they'd gone through and how sincere they were. It was hard for me because I'm not used to that kind of sincerity because everyone in the U.S.A. wants to clam up about all their problems (this includes me of course). I heard about how one guy I was talking about, his name leaves me at the moment, told me about how he drifted away from God and how he knew he was hurting his family and just wanted to get better so his family could stop worrying him, and he could reconnect them. 

Then we also went to the hospital to visit and pray for some of the patients.

~Gavin Plumlee