Day 3 in Nicaragua - by Chris

We started the day early by going to a 5am devotional/prayer quiet time at the pavilion. It was a great way to start of a very busy day.  At 7am we had a delicious breakfast which included fresh fruit and very good coffee. 

At 8am we left the land and piled 20+ people in Scott’s truck and drove to Jose’s new house lot.  Jose was a renting a house nearby and now is building his own house.  The basic outline of the house was there already, as the beginning stage of he walls were there.  We needed to move cement blocks from the rental house to the new place.  The distance was short and only took 5 or 6 trips with blocks loaded up in the back of Scott’s truck.  We also were cutting wire to be used with rebar, making triangle shaped pieces.  Since we had a large number of people we split off and 8 or 9 people went to Chicon’s house, fairly close by. He had a pile of sand/fill in his front yard that needed to be moved to the backyard.  The pile had at to be at least 5 yards.  We used shovels and 5 gallon plastic buckets  We had a line of 9 or so people filling the buckets and passing them down the line, emptying them and then passing them back.  It was tedious but we had a mission, I think it took us 2 or hours to finish.  We did take water breaks as it was very hot outside. During one of those breaks we found out more about Chicon.  He is a boxing coach for both the men’s and women’s national team.  Quite impressive!  He even coached his daughter to win the 2017 Central American championship!  He proudly showed of her trophies, awards, championship belt and medal!  He was so proud!  I really enjoyed seeing him tell us about everything, he was so proud!

About noonish we drove back to the land for lunch.  After lunch we drove to Pontanal community center.  It is currently being worked on, adding new trusses so a second floor can be added.  It was quite nice inside, I can’t wait until it is finished.  Prior to building the community center the lot of land was used by drug dealers, it was not safe there.  By opening a community center they are changing the neighborhood and the local culture.  Providing a safe place where people can come, they want the community to be part of the transformation and the local people to be involved in it. From the community center we split into 2 groups and went prayer walking into the local neighborhood.  The local people we encountered we were very friendly and open about their needs and invited us into their homes.  We listened and talked to them a prayed with them. These are people that will be using the community center,  it is exciting because they have a story to tell about how God has helped them with their problems and is part of their lives.

After finishing the prayer walk we drove to the hospital.  The hospital we visited was a free hospital, it was very eye opening. The conditions there are very different than our hospitals. Even though we saws things we couldn’t believe we needed to remind ourselves at least they have medical care available to them. We split into two groups and visited various patients.  We listened to them and talked with them and then prayed.  I really think they appreciated we were there listening to them and then praying over them.

After visiting the hospital we drove back to the land and had dinner.  After dinner at about 6:30pm we met at the pavilion where they were having a worship /prayer devotional time in tribute to Nathan. Nathan is a REAP employee that had an accident in the prior week.  He is still in the hospital in very serious condition.  He still needs another surgery, so everyone is praying for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.  The service ended at about 7:45pm. 

Afterwards our group met to discuss the daily events. We enjoyed some nice oreo cookies (thank you Heather).  We also to talked to Jen and Scott about our day and got an update from them about how Nathan was doing. He is making progress in the right direction but has a long way to go.  Please keep Nathan in your prayers.  About 9pm we broke up and went to our rooms to get ready for bed.  It was a long day but very rewarding!