We made it to Nicaragua! - by Melissa

Our day began very early! We met at the Manchester Campus at 2:45am and after a quick prayer we boarded a shuttle and headed to the airport. Thanks to Lisa and Patricia for coming out to see us off and a special thanks to Amanda for driving the shuttle in the rain.
We arrived in Managua after two uneventful flights and met up with Amber, a REAP intern, and the shuttle driver Miguel. Since we arrived so early we were able to stop in downtown Granada and climb the bell tower of a local church. It gave us a great view of Lake Granada the Mercado. We stopped by the local bank to exchange some of our money.  
We arrived at the farm and began to settle in.  We had a great meal which we all devoured. It was a long day of travel and most of us didn’t have a chance to eat a real meal, so this one was appreciated. We are blessed to have our stay overlap with a team of World Racers! This was the halfway point for them and there was a large group of parents that travelled to be with their racers. It was amazing to see them interacting and worshiping together. 
We look forward to sharing devotionals with the sports teams that will be taking the fields on Sunday! Thanks to everyone for keeping us in their prayers!