Thoughts as we leave Colombia - by Angel

Today was the last day of our mission trip to Bogota, Colombia. As I sit at the gate waiting to board our plane, overwhelmed with emotions for what the last ten days have given me, all I can think of is how lucky I am to be used by God.

I can’t even express with words how special this trip was for me, because, when I left Colombia twenty years ago, I never imagined I would be back with a group of missionaries willing to give their time and love to the people of Colombia. This team showed an amazing obedience to what God put in their hearts and I enjoyed serving with every one of them very much. 

The last ten days went very fast, but between the children's ministry at the Oasis program of the Formavida Foundation, the schools we visited, and the construction of a home for a mother of 5 battling cancer, I bring my heart full of love, my spirit full of faith and obedience, and my body ready to rest, back home to NH. 

Together with the team we participated at the Bazaar yesterday. This is a special event where the kids get to spend fake money they earn through the quarter. They earn this money as an incentive for good behavior, learning Christian principles, scripture, participation and more. I was blown away by their generosity and lack of selfishness. These children, having little to no resources, chose to spend that money to buy clothes and other items for their siblings and parents, instead of spending it all on themselves.

Later in the afternoon, we delivered the keys of the house to Marta and her family; a house we raised funds for and helped build. A house that will be changing not only the lives of her family, but also the lives of all those who come across their testimony of faith.  God does miracles when you obey. 

I go back home full of hope and joy, ready to continue this journey with Jesus as my pilot. Thank you everyone who followed us during this journey and those who helped us make this happen. I am sure the Lord has plans to continue using us to be the bridge of His blessings.

In Him always
Angel Galvis