A day rich in blessings - by Mike & Carolyn

Today was a day rich in blessings. The team ended a busy and productive day, unanimously agreeing that the achievement of our tasks in the home project, the blue-ribbon burgers served for dinner, the interactive time spent with the children and youth here at Formavida for the afternoon, and last but not least... a time of great sharing and worship in our evening service, made this day ... amazing.
God is good, and moving in the hearts and lives of this Colombian community. It’s equally amazing to hear about young adults here who are burdened to support outreach in global missions ranging from Africa, the Middle East and Venezuela. This coming from young adults who have grown up here under the ministry of Ricardo and Lucy of the Formavida mission.

It’s safe to say we’ve all shared deep blessings while here,
Mike Arbore
Today we focused on painting a house that we are presenting to a family in need here in Bogota. We left for the house after a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs with mixed in corn and veggies and arepas. We walk down a bumpy, steep dirt road to get to the house. My job was painting the metal decorative bars that go over the windows (windows to be put in later). It was a little challenging to paint the outside of a window that was too high up to get from the outside with ladder. I did ok I think, just got a little paint on my arm! It was a little confusing at times- waiting to see what needed to be done and how to do it, but we worked well as a team and really pulled it together! 

Team members from the Formavida Foundation, the family, and locals helped to make it a great experience. Someone even passed out candy for us. Walking back up the hill is hard work, but I have my rest spots where I can catch my breath and the views at the same time. After we were done working on the house, I had a special time helping a 10-year old boy write a letter in English about himself to help him get a sponsor. Next will be supper and a church service. I'm sure the church service will be energizing and inspirational! This week has been amazing!

~ by Carolyn