Our final day in Rwanda - by Heidi

We began our day with a 30 min walk to Bourbon Coffee for brunch. This gave us another chance to pair up and chat with each other about our experiences.

After brunch, We met up with Pastor Frank Reynolds and Bishop Theo, who took us over to the Hermon Church in the inner city so that we could meet with the women. This Church was one of several churches in Rwanda that was closed because they didn't meet the government requirements.

This meeting was a special one for Lisa Mazur, who had first met with some of these women back in 2008. Bishop Theo Introduced Lisa and she addressed the congregation and then introduced each team member.

Bishop Theo spoke briefly on the history of the church.  He saw a need to help women in the are that had H.I.V. and with the help of Rwanda Relief (a non profit organization) he was able to start "Kora Ubeho" (which means work and live) a women's co-op.

We then met Josie, she is one of the founding members of Kora Ubeho. She shared her story with us and even though I have heard it before it touches my heart each time.  

At 4:00 pm after returning to our hotel, we gathered around the television to share in Kyle’s celebration of life. I’m so thankful that technology in Rwanda has gotten to the where we could live stream the service.  We left for dinner at shortly after and then we were off to the airport.

Our journey in Rwanda has come to an end.  In just a few hours will be back in New Hampshire.  It has been an amazing 10 days. This is my fourth mission trip to Rwanda.  Although I had several special personal moments (return visit to Gasarabwayi, gift presentation by Pastor Theonist in Nasho, Compassion child visit), it was wonderful to see the “first timers” and our future leaders experience the joy and infectious love of our Rwandan brothers and sisters.  It was also wonderful to see how each one of us grew in our relationship with each other and God. Matthew 5:14-16 was read twice on our trip (during a devotional and a message given by Hanna in Gasarabwayi) which has stayed with me. This is an amazing group of people. Each of them are the light of the world that cannot be hidden.  Trust me, their good deeds and most importantly their heartfelt, joyful experiences will shine for all to see so that everyone will praise our heavenly Father.

Heidi -