The homestretch - by Dennis & Giselle

Day 6: Bogota, Colombia

It’s Wednesday and I (Deniss), can’t believe that we are in the homestretch. Today has been an amazing day full of dance, smiles, tears, and joy with students from Instituto Colombo-Sueco.

After our visit to the school we walked to Iglesias de Filadelfia, which is headed by Carolina and Fabian (Lucy’s daughter and son-in-law). The projects they are focused on are around helping pregnant women in parenting and early childhood education. Early childhood education (ECE) is the most critical development stages in a child’s life between the ages 0-5. Another wonderful project in the works is a soccer program for teenagers to get them off the street. What is the most beautiful thing is seeing the love pouring out to help the youth move away from the drugs, money, and street life here in Colombia.

The next part of my day was working with the 8-9 yrs old with Caroline. I was able to work with students on multiplication homework before doing our devotional. We read Ephesians 6:10-24, the whole armor of God. What was awesome was that the students had a song that they used to understand the armor of God. After our devotional we took the children out to the field and taught them baseball. Definitely was an exciting moment watching the children learn the game of baseball and the joy they had playing.

Overall today has been another joyous and memorable experience. I’m am truly blessed to have this moment as my life has forever been changed by the children and people of Colombia. 
Hi Everyone,

It’s Giselle. I am having such an wonderful time here in Bogota. These past five days have been just truly life changing. Today we went to a christian school, and spoke about suicide and depression. Hearing people’s story was simply humbling. Isabelle and I were with the ten through eleven age group for OSASIS; played soccer and volleyball with the children. The goal was to learn about our physical activity alongside a devotional on spirit being our own responsibility. Judging from their attention and reaction, they truly took the words to heart. After, we had the opportunity to help two kids with their english homework. They told me it was “boring” to learn english. I thought that was so funny. Dinner was so delicious. we had a picada, which is a whole bunch of different meats piled on a platter. To end our night we had an intimate circle of worship. I know this blog is very short, but I just want you all to know that this trip has been truly breathtaking in so many ways.