Cultural tourist day - by Isabelle & Anita

Hola from Colombia!!

Buenos Dias, Mi Llamo es Anita... It's tourist day! This is one of my favorite parts of being on a mission trip, service trip, or even a discovery trip. Being able to wake up and spend the day absorbing the local culture, food, and sights outside of what we gain during our field days, is key to our fundamental growth as a missionary. Today we took the trek down the mountain on the outskirts of Bogota, and went to see the Salt Cathedral; an underground representation of the Stations of the Cross. 

Hola mi nombre es Isabelle, the Salt Cathedral was surreal. It was a little difficult to interpret visually, but I think it was meant to be more of an audio tour. Behind the different stations the caverns seem to go on forever. The place was truly fascinating. At one point I dared Anita to lick the wall... she did and then I had to as well. Guess what it tasted like? SALT! Let me just say this... The lime chips they sold in the little cafe, delicioso. 

Hey, it's Anita again. With empty bellies our rag-tag group made our way into a local spot for lunch. Coincidentally with a bazillion options for the carnivorous muncher, Isabelle and me both had empanadas, and devoured them drenched in some green sauce. It was definitely worth way too many bites, and called for a steaming cup of Java to follow. But not before we all took a turn or five in the British style phone booth creating art worthy of Instagram. 

Isabelle again. That restaurant was really cool with all it's antique decor. I can agree with Anita that we may have taken a few too many pictures. The food was sooo good too. As well as the live music being payed while we ate!:p 
As we went to search for a cup of coffee, it started to poor and we had to make a quick (and dry) stop.

We stopped in an art gallery of all places that also functioned as an art & cooking school. Anita here, BTW... I feel like this place was a definite hidden jem with coffee to make your taste buds dance! I bought a bag for 30k pesos. I think that converts to $10. Totally worth it. It was super sweet of the owner to let this bunch of Americans and Colombians hang out, drink coffee, peruse the art, and take bunches more photos for posting later. We happen to be an artsy group if you couldn't tell by now! 

Back to Isabelle:). After the art stop, we tried walking again, but it continued to rain so we headed back to Forma Vida. Other than the weather it was an awesome day! The group shared so many laughs, and stories continuing to grow closer to each other everyday. Gonna be weird going home in a few days and not sharing a small room with nine other Woman.