Crybaby in Colombia - by Isaias

Day 5 here in Bogota Colombia. There is so much to say. The people here are amazing, humble and so down to earth. Everyone you talk to has such a great story to tell sometimes you start to cry instantly. I have become a big crybaby here in Colombia lol. But its so hard not to. We come from a country that consumes and waste so much. It's very simple; they don't want nothing but your time and presence. The smiles and hugs you get from them are incredible. 

One big part of my day today was able to share my testimony with the teenagers this morning at the local school. Never in my wildest dreams I thought I would be able to captivate a room full of teenagers and have them listening to what I had to say. Only God can do things like that. But meeting my 8 year old sponsor child today was unreal. At first he was like "who are you?" and did not one want a part of me until I showed him a picture of my buddy's Lamborghini, and it was a wrap after that. He was so interested to know about my family and he was so happy to know I had kids his age. He even asked me when I was bringing them to meet him. What a joyful experience. We have so much work to be done here in Colombia and I know it will happen, that's for sure. God has done so much for us in this trip and my heart is ready and willing to do whatever it takes. I miss my family like crazy. I know I will be home soon but it's going to be so hard to leave this place. I know when we leave this place I will be a totally different human being.