A day well spent ~ by Stephen

Our day began when we were reunited with Bishop Theophile, our translators Daria and Angel, and our drivers Alex and Hussein.  It was great to see them again after our recharge day and great to get back to the village of Gasarabwayi!

The visibility on our one hour trek was better (the rain cleared out the haze) and the views of the hills and valleys were stunningly beautiful and inspiring!

After tea with our hosts, Pastor Emmanuel gave us a tour of the complex and a history of how far they have come.  We toured the kitchen where preparations for our delicious lunch were already underway.  Several of us got to help stir what we are calling "Cabbage Francine" named after the lovely woman who created the dish!

After the tour we broke into two groups: the women went with the bishop to work with the women's cooperatives and the men met with Ejo Heza (a better tomorrow) group.  We checked on their progress and received a demonstration of how biochar is made, processed and used.  This was mostly for the benefit of a farmer from one of our previous village visits - Claude from Batima but it also helped the newer members of Team Ineza to see the equipment in action as well!

The afternoon included a walk through the village where Sarah and Jen picked up a following of children! They led us on the back pathways back to the church - a great adventure! Then team then conducted a children's program that was a great success.

A day well spent feeling God's presence every step of the way! We are making some real friendships and connections with these wonderful people and you can feel the love of the Lord in everyone you meet.  We are looking forward to one more full day in Gasarabwayi and yet somewhat dreading saying goodbye (for now).  Please pray that our last day will be as productive as today!  God is so good!” 

Thank you! (Murakoze)
~ Stephen