The prayer for a cargo motorbike - answered :) - by Heidi


Today the team spent the day picking up supplies to take to the village of Gasarabwayi.  We will be spending 3 days in Gasarabwayi.  

A prayer 8 years ago was answered today.  We picked up a Hard Body motorcycle transport cargo.  The vehicle will be used for hauling materials for constructing toilets, an ambulance for medical emergencies and hauling charcoal briquettes to market.  The only transportation up to this point has been a few bicycles.

We also purchased five drum barrels which will be used for turning crop waste into biochar.  Biochar is a soil amendment to improve harvest.  

This is my fifth trip to Rwanda and will be my third visit to Gasarabwayi.  I cannot wait to reconnect with our Rwandan brothers and sisters in Gasarabwayi.

Finally I want to thank God for providing the Team with skillful, caring, loving drivers and translators who keep us safe every day.  God's work could not be done without them.

-Heidi Martel