Clean water, home visits & women's co-ops - by Deb Dupont

On the third full day of our trip the team got up early, had breakfast and headed back to the village of Batima.  Once at the village the guys worked with some of the men and women and learned more about their families. They then taught them how to make clean water home filtration systems and hand washing stations with supplies that we brought with us.  These men and women were eager to learn and to have the chance to better the health of their families.

While the guys were doing this us girls had the opportunity to visit the homes of two of the women in the village.  We were very humble to witness the depths of their poverty.  We were also humbled by the fact that these women were so open to share a very personal part of their lives with us.  We also spoke to the women's co-op about their daily needs and struggles. We then headed back to the village where many more of the villagers came to hear details about the need for clean water and the water filtration devices and the details on how to maintain these devices.

We then had a wonderful time of lunch and fellowship at the church and, with heavy hearts, had to say goodbye to our friends.

We traveled on to our second village called Rweru. This was the second year in a row that MCC has visited this village.  Upon our arrival we were greeted with much joyful singing and dancing.  It was exciting to see that since our last visit they have built a new church and have plans for a second one.  We were able to hear more of God's word as well as more wonderful song and dance.  Due to the day being late we said goodbye and will be returning early tomorrow for a full day of activities.

This trip has been an amazing experience for me and the team and we eagerly await the days ahead.

-Deb DuPont