Prayer, dump visit & monkeys ~ by Sam, Everlea & Julia

Hey y'all this is Sam. Going to the dump today was really interesting. This is my third trip to Nicaragua, and over the past two years, the mountain of decomposed trash has grown by an astounding amount. Seeing the passage of time in a foreign country is really hard to conceptualize. People are so used to their little bubble and they don't fully realize that time passes and things happen everywhere. I was worried that we wouldn't have much to share in common with the people that worked there, and that all we could really do was talk with them, listen, and love them. But Shane stepped up to give a testimony prior to the meal we served. It touched on topics of depression and encountering God. It was perfect for the audience and inspiring - despite how daunting it seems, experiences can cross cultural boundaries. God puts the coolest things on our hearts to share, and in that humans are very united. It was very cool. That's all for now y'all - Sam out! ✌️✌️
Hello everyone! it's Everlea:) I had an awesome time today, going to the dump and then VBS. The dump was hard for all of us, but I had a pretty cool experience. I noticed that I wasn't affected the same way others were, and I thought about that the rest of the day. When someone else said they had the same feeling, I wondered what it was. Later it came to me that God was telling me something. He was telling me that I didn't need to be as worried because He had this. He was in control of the situation, and I could do my part as well, through him. On another note, we took a boat ride and got to see a bunch of beautiful islands, and meet some adorable monkeys! One of them came on to our boat and we gave him bananas! 
Really though, today was great and I can't wait for more exiting things tomorrow! - Adios! Everlea😄 
Hola y'all this is Julia!! This past week has been so much fun, we have worked in the fields, prayer walked, went on a scavenger hunt and more. Today we went to the dump and fed the workers, went to a youth group, got ice cream (which was delicious) and went on a boat. We also woke up at 5am today to pray for an hour. During this time I was able to ask God what He wanted for me to do today for him. Today I was able to spread joy in the community during the youth group. Even though it has been a struggle to hear and see all the troubles that people in this community are having, all we can do is pray for them and listen to their stories. Just making them smile means a lot to them. Even if there is a language barrier we are still able to try to find a way to make them understand. Also while I've been here I've made a new friend, Mariana, who I have been calling "bonita" because she's a little cutie. I've been teaching her how to use my camera and now she loves to take photos of all of us. It has been a great experience and I have definitely become closer to God. 

I've had an amazing day and this trip has been life changing. I can't wait to make more memories tomorrow!!!! Adios!!!! Julia 😃