Compassion visit, supply shopping & memorial visiting ~ by Julie Fisher

Team Ineza arrived in Kigali around 2:30am Rwanda time. After a 3.5 hour nap we started our day with breakfast at the Iris guesthouse as a team. After breakfast half the team went to meet their Compassion children. These are children they sponsor helping to pay for school and care. The other half of the team went into the city to purchase Bibles to bring into the villages we will be visiting. We met back up in the afternoon and the women went back into the city to purchase material for items to be hand made by the women in one of the villages we will be visiting. The shopping experience was fun. So many beautiful colors and patterns to choose from. A little overwhelming.

During that hour the men went to look at the moto that Bruce will be delivering to Gasarabwayi, the village that MCC has been working with for over a decade. Then we all met back up and took a trip to the Kigali Genocide Memorial. An afternoon filled with the gruesome history of what these people went through, heavy hearts and tears. It’s hard to imagine that 25 years ago Rwanda was the worst place on earth for 100 days. It is an absolute miracle to see how welcoming, loving and generous the Rwandan people are. Their ability for forgiveness is Godlike for sure. My first impression is so warm, open and loving. I think I could fall in love with Rwanda. Looking forward to heading into the first village tomorrow.

~Julie Fisher