1st day in Nicaragua - by Shelby & Nissi

Today started with a delicious breakfast of eggs and beans. Later we got to jump in the back of pickup trucks and ride to VBS, the kids service program. During this we put on a skit about Jesus calming the storm and then we helped the kids make paper boats to match the skit. We played games, ate candy, and hung out with adorable children. It is quite an interesting thing interacting with those speaking a different language, especially kids since they don't know that you don't understand haha! Prepping for VBS, we walked around the neighborhood to invite kids to be sent over to the church for VBS. During this, we split into different groups with our translators and as we went around to the different houses, we got good responses. One of the houses gave us mangos and other fruit which was delicious. Let me just say, this place has the best tasting food I think I have ever had.

After VBS, we headed back to The Land (The place where REAP Grenada is centered). We had another great meal for lunch, and had the rest of the day to relax and hang out on The Land. There is always so many people on The Land, playing sports, hanging out, and having a great time. Our afternoon overall consisted of taking naps in hammocks, playing basketball and volleyball with the natives, running around with kids, and visiting a little shop that had probably everything you could find in a gas station, but it was the size of a closet. The culture shock here is real and it is so amazing to see the difference. Everyone is so nice and waves to you while you drive around, and the whole place feels like one big community. Tonight there were a couple of fun things that went on as well. We found two scorpions in our room (Imagine a lot of screaming and running away), and then two of our girls, Lizah and Nissi, fell out of a hammock, they are okay don't worry.

So overall, the day was hot, energetic, relaxing, and hilarious. It has been a great trip and it's only day one, I can't wait to see what God's going to do with us this week. Now we're all off to bed to wake up at 5am, wish us luck haha! ~ Shelby and Nissi ❤️