Goodbye until next time

Over the last three days, the storage shelves were completed and the importance of keeping things clean and organized was reviewed.

Mark and Bruce met with Ejo Heza and reviewed expectations. They also provided product to assemble 12 hand wash stations. These will be sold to Ejo Heza families and the funds will be used to produce 12 new hand-washing stations.

Meeting with SNV and the local sector provided much insight and hope. Much value was added with the presence of Bishop Theophile, Pastor Emmanuel and the president of the Ejo Heza Cooperative.

The big take aways this trip was first, Ejo Heza will be transitioning to taking ownership of the Cooperative. Second, they are taking responsibility for progressing in multiple areas over the next six months. Finally, a communication network was set up to allow interaction with Bruce twice a month. This will allow Ejo Heza ask questions and provide updates. 

Wednesday we spent the day in Gasarabwayi touching up loose ends. We also had a time of prayer, gift exchange and good-byes (until next time). As this is written we are about to fly back home and with the Lord’s grace will be back in Manchester on Friday night.

Mark Godfrey, Eric Carlson and Bruce Southerland.