Another beautiful day in Rwanda

This morning, we just stopped in the sector office today to talk about the Ejo Heza cooperative. The top official spent a short time with us and we answered all his questions. We are meeting with his assistant and few others tomorrow to answer further questions.

Mark and Bruce spent the afternoon meeting with Ejo Heza, to speak about issues needing to be addressed.
Eric and Bruce spent the afternoon in construction of the shelves in the Ejo Heza storage.

Stopped at Rosa’s new house, just needing doors and windows now. She has a decent size lot for farming. Donatha was there, looked great, and spent a few minutes talking with Bruce.

Fidele and Eric played with and chased a few local kids before heading out for the day.

Another beautiful day in Rwanda.  
--   Eric Carlson, Bruce Southerland and Mark Godfrey