Day 3 in Nasho - by Stacy

Today we returned to Nasho. We were able to celebrate service with them and enjoy more of their wonderful songs. Heidi and Patricia shared the word of God with the church. We loved on the children today with the story of Noah's Ark, coloring pages, crayons, a movie and popcorn. Even with multiple technical issues and some team members not feeling well, we pulled it off.

The children's smiles were contagious and they were so excited to show off their finished drawings. Despite most of us knowing very few words in their language, smiles, high fives and hugs are the same in all languages.

On a personal note: for the past few days I have felt insecure like I didn't belong and doubted my place on the team. I was uncomfortable because I was new and didn't know what to do. I was also completely overwhelmed by everything I was experiencing. This morning on the ride to Nasho, I prayed to God and put my worries in his hands. For most of the ride I was crying as all my insecurities and fears were swept away. This trip has completely humbled me and changed my outlook. I knew there may be small things which would make me think. However seeing how little the village has but how joyous they are and their pure love and trust in God shows me I have more work to do. They have ignited my passion to continue to grow. There is nothing I can ever give the men, women and children in Nasho to repay what they have given to me. ~ Stacy