Off to Nasho! - by Meg

Today was our second full day in Rwanda and our first full day in Nasho. This is my first time in Africa and it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The love that pours out of each individual here is absolutely amazing.

Our day began with a lovely breakfast, devotions and a 2 hour ride from Kayonza where our guesthouse is to the Rwandan countryside, all the way to Nasho. Rwanda is hills as far as the eye can see filled with houses, crops and palm trees. The goats and chickens ran free and as we drove our buses down the dusty trail the people of the village came running and waved shouting “Muzungu! Muzungu!” (which translates to white people :). 

When we pulled up to the church we had a welcome party waiting for us. They sang praises thanking God for our safe arrival. I was so overcome by emotion and happiness that I definitely shed a few tears. We spent time dancing and praising together before breaking off to our prospective tasks for the day. 

We had some awesome women from our team leading a Bible study. Tyler & Rebecca played ball with the children and myself, Liz, Sarah, Vila and Angel worked on our community profiling. While in Nasho we are interviewing the men, women & children to see how we can better serve them in the trips to come in the future. It was great soaking everything in and meeting new people. Although we don’t speak the same language laughter and smiles are universal and contagious! 

I’ve been so blessed on this trip already and I can’t wait to see how else God will move in me this week. -Meg