Mission Life

Their mission is to answer Jesus’ call to change the world by connecting one child at a time with a person who cares.

Their vision is to teach honesty, love, forgiveness and generosity by fostering Christian values in children who will change families, communities, and countries.

Mission Life will connect people with children who need help overcoming some of life’s obstacles. Their sponsorship program includes financial support as well as a meaningful connection with sponsored children utilizing current technology to its fullest. Mission Life will also coordinate global trips with members of MCC. For more information about Mission Life, click here or email Angel at angel.galvis@missionlifechange.org.

Harvest Christian Church - Rwanda

Harvest Christian Church, led by Bishop Theophile Rugubira, was started by Christians in Rwanda. They have now extended their ministry in all provinces of Rwanda and have also planted churches in Burundi and DR Congo.

Bishop Theophile is a man completely committed to the transformation of Africa. He was raised, prepared and tested in the most difficult circumstances: to bring hope, healing, and peace and reconciliation to a Rwandan people completely broken by the scars of wars and ethnic cleansing in their native land. Today, out of the ashes of genocide, he is helping many to turn their sorrow into joy and their mourning into a season of celebration. The wind of transformation is blowing, and a great healing unlike anything the world has ever known is taking place. It is a transformation of reconciliation and humility, which is profoundly transforming the Rwanda society- only a few years after it was brought to total collapse by the Genocide in 1994.

MCC has called Harvest Christian Church a partner since 2008 and has sent over 300 members there on global trips.

Rwanda Challenge

The mission of Rwanda Challenge is to equip Rwandan church leaders, by 2022, who have the capacity to equip the next generation.

The vision of Rwanda Challenge is local church leaders throughout Rwanda who have the capacity to lead the Rwandan Church and become missionaries to neighboring countries.

The purpose of Rwanda Challenge is to bring glory to God by loving His Church in Rwanda. 

Click here for more information about Rwanda Challenge

REAP Granada

Their mission is to establish and grow relationships while discipling and demonstrating the love of God by living in community and modeling lives dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ.

REAP Granada is a Christian Ministry devoted to some of the more economically challenged neighborhoods in Granada, Nicaragua. They use several powerful ministries, called Touchpoints, to build valuable relationships. With multiple touches, in key areas, they live together with the locals and demonstrate God's love in real relationships. These relationships cultivate a strong, sustainable community, by integrating faith into every aspect of life, while strengthening families and developing employment skills.

MCC is a proud support partner of REAP Granada and also sends global outreach teams there on a regular basis. To learn more about this incredible ministry, click here

To protect the ministry and staff of our India partner, we are unable to post information online. For more information, email Stacy at outreach@manchesterchristian.com.