Johanna Beachy

Children’s Ministry Director

Johanna left her native New England to explore the cities and bush-bush of Africa and returned with a new name to lead the children’s ministry. If there were an Olympic sport for reading, Johanna would be a gold-medalist. Johanna is passionate about connecting kids and families to Jesus.

Jim Goyette

Children’s Ministry Associate, Wellington Rd

Jim walked away from a bright future as a professional breakdancer and champion bowler to lead our Wellington Rd. campus children’s ministry. Jim lives with his beautiful wife and daughter and their foster children and can sometimes be spotted riding his motorcycle through the streets of Manchester. Jim is committed to helping kids and families grow in their relationship with Jesus.



Dillon Shattuck

Children’s Ministry Associate, Bedford campus

Dillon’s hair is considered by many to be the eighth wonder of the world. He is the oldest of eight children and is famous across the state of New Hampshire for always smiling. Among other roles, Dillon leads the 345 ministry and loves helping kids and families discover the joy of following Jesus.